Presidential election years are a special time at Scholastic, especially for the Scholastic News staff.

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Our goal at Scholastic News is to inspire kids to learn about—and take part in—world around them.

Our engaging news articles get kids hooked on the nonfiction reading they’ll do their whole lives as they become informed, active citizens. There is no bigger news story in the Unites States than the election of a president. And there is no better opportunity to engage kids in our democratic process.

This interactive website supports the robust election coverage that we deliver in our Scholastic News magazines, as well as the activities in our Election Skills workbooks. Specifically, students visiting this site will learn about the election process, get up-to-date news, see the latest results on interactive maps, vote in polls, and read news from the campaign trail from our Scholastic News Kids Press Corps.

Perhaps best of all, kids will also get to cast their vote for president!

The Scholastic Student Vote is a time-honored mock election for kids across the country. By using print ballots in Scholastic News magazines and Election Skills workbooks or voting online right on this website, kids can have their say about who should be our next president.

The Scholastic Student Vote may not be official, but the results are often very telling. Scholastic has conducted the student mock vote during every presidential election since 1940. The results of the student vote have mirrored the actual outcome of all but two elections. In 1948, kids voted for Thomas E. Dewey over Harry S. Truman, and in 1960, they selected Richard M. Nixon over John F. Kennedy.

We are excited that another election is upon us, and that we have the opportunity to once again engage kids in our democracy. Now, let’s elect a president!

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