Mike Pence and Donald Trump at a rally in Indiana earlier this month.

AP Photo/Michael Conroy
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Donald Trump Picks Mike Pence As His Running Mate

The governor of Indiana joins the Republican ticket.

Ever since Donald Trump clinched the Republican nomination for president in May, many people have wondered who he would choose as his vice president. On Friday, Trump announced on Twitter that Indiana Governor Mike Pence would be his running mate. Then Trump formally introduced Pence as his choice at a press conference in New York City on Saturday.

Picking a running mate is an important decision. The vice president holds the second-highest office in the United States government. If the president dies or is unable to stay in office, the vice president takes over as the nation's leader.

Pence said he was honored to join Trump on the Republican ticket.

“Donald Trump is a good man and he will make a great president of the United States,” Pence said on Saturday.

Trump chose Pence, a seasoned Republican, from a handful of top Republicans. Before taking office as governor in Indiana in 2013, Pence served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2000 to 2012.

Many political experts think that Pence, who is popular among many Republicans, could help unify the party around Trump. There has been disagreement in the party about whether Trump should be their nominee. He is seen by some Republicans as an outsider because he has never held political office, and he has been very critical of his own party. On Saturday, Trump pointed to one of the big factors in his decision to choose Pence as his running mate.

“One of the reasons is party unity, I have to be honest,” Trump said.

Trump and Pence will now work together to defeat Trump's opponent in the general election, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Clinton is expected to announce her choice for vice president at the end of this week.

Next Up: The Convention

Trump made his announcement ahead of the Republican National Convention, which kicks off in Cleveland, Ohio, today and runs through Thursday. The convention is a giant meeting of party leaders. On Monday, the Republican party will officially decide its party platform, or where it stands on key issues, such as immigration and the economy. Then, on Tuesday, party members called delegates will officially choose Trump and Pence to be the Republican nominees for president and vice president.

Throughout the convention, many Republican politicians, leaders, and even members of Trump's family will give speeches. They will try to build energy and enthusiasm around their candidate heading into the election. Pence is scheduled to speak on Wednesday night, and Trump is set to close the convention with a speech on Thursday, accepting his party’s nomination.

The Democrats will hold their convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, next week.