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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Win Weekend Elections

Republican Jeb Bush drops out of the race.

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton had big wins over the weekend. Trump won Saturday’s Republican primary in South Carolina. Clinton won the Democratic caucus in Nevada.

Clinton, who is coming off a big loss in New Hampshire, really needed a win to help regain her status as the national front-runner in the Democratic race. Trump, who has for months been the national front-runner in the Republican race, hopes this win shows that his competitors may not be able to stop him.

Saturday also marked the end of the road for a former front-runner. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush entered the race last year with high expectations that he would win the Republican nomination. He is the son of former President George H.W. Bush and the brother of former President George W. Bush. But Jeb Bush never attracted widespread support. He did poorly in the first three elections and pulled out of the race.

Results by the Numbers

Trump won votes from 32.5 percent of the South Carolina Republicans. That is 10 percent more than his nearest rivals: U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Rubio barely edged Cruz for second place. Rubio won 22.5 percent and Cruz won 22.3 percent of the vote. They are competing to become Trump’s biggest rival.

Clinton’s victory among Democrats was closer. She won 52.7 percent of the vote, about 5 percent more than U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Clinton hopes the win in Nevada means she’s pulling away from Sanders in her quest for the Democratic nomination for president.

Later this week, the two parties will switch the locations for their elections. The Republicans will hold their Nevada caucus on Tuesday, February 22. The Democrats will hold a primary in South Carolina on Saturday, February 27.

But many people have their eyes on “Super Tuesday” on March 1. That’s the biggest election event on the calendar. More than 10 states will hold election contests that day.