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Trump Heads to the Nomination

Donald Trump wins big in Indiana, causing his two Republican competitors to quit the race.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had a very big day on Tuesday. He won Indiana by a landslide. The victory chased his two rivals, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Ohio Governor John Kasich, from the race. It is now all but certain that Trump will become the Republican nominee for president.

“It has been some unbelievable day!” Trump said in his victory speech.

With his victory, Trump now has more than 1,000 delegates—the people who will officially select the party’s nominee for president at the national convention in July. Without any Republican opponents, Trump is expected to easily reach the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination by the time the last Republican primaries are held on June 7.

Sanders Rebounds

On the Democratic side, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont beat front-runner Hillary Clinton in Indiana. Sanders’s win was a needed boost to his campaign after several recent losses.

However, the voting in Indiana was so close that Sanders picked up only six more delegates than Clinton. That means the former U.S. secretary of state still leads Sanders by nearly 300 delegates. Political experts say it would be almost impossible for Sanders to overtake Clinton at this point. 

The next voting contests will take place on May 10, when West Virginia holds primaries for both parties and Nebraska holds its Republican primary.