Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Trump Wins Nevada

Trump's third big win in a row has many people wondering if his rivals will be able to catch him.

Donald Trump strengthened his position as the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president last night. His big win at the Nevada caucuses came on the heels of strong victories in South Carolina and New Hampshire. He is showing that he can win states in different areas of the country—and by a lot.

Trump, a billionaire businessman, won in Nevada with almost 46 percent of the vote. His closest competitors, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, came in second and third, respectively. Rubio received almost 24 percent of the vote and Cruz had 21.4 percent.

Trump also won in South Carolina and New Hampshire by wide margins. He has lost only one of the first four election contests. Senator Cruz edged past him in the first contest about three weeks ago in Iowa.

The Next Elections

Democrats will hold a primary in South Carolina this Saturday, February 27. That race is much closer. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won in Nevada last Saturday by about 5 percent. She is running against Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.  

A much bigger contest is still to come: Super Tuesday on March 1. That’s the biggest election event on the calendar before the general election in November. Twelve states will hold primaries or caucuses on March 1.